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Accelerate Your Business Growth

Speed to Market and Quality Solutions

From Discovery to Delivery

One of the ways we accelerate businesses is through our Discovery process. This process enables us to identify user needs before writing any code, which helps to reduce costs and avoid rework. By focusing on UX and UI, we create efficient and intuitive solutions that increase user satisfaction and drive business growth.

Another way we accelerate businesses is by leveraging our expertise in product development. Our team includes experts in areas such as DevOps, product management, and software engineering, enabling us to deliver high-quality products that are secure, scalable, and maintainable.

We are passionate about accelerating businesses, and we are committed to working closely with our clients to help them achieve their goals. Whether you’re looking for expertise in product development, UX/UI, DevOps, or any other area of digital solutions, you can count on the team at Luby to deliver exceptional results.

Product and Strategy

Execution and Delivery


Product and Strategy

UX and UI Experts

Idealize and develop your digital product

Identifying User Needs

Developing a product can get expensive if you’re not sure of all its details. To identify user needs before writing code, Luby offers the Discovery process. With a focus on UX and UI, we create efficient and intuitive solutions that increase user satisfaction and reduce costs by avoiding rework.

Design Sprint

We identify problems, create solutions and validate hypotheses with users before you waste time and capital investing in the development stages.

Usability and Interface Design

We create intuitive, cohesive, pleasant and memorable interfaces, through good usability and scalability practices.

User Search

Through Research and Design Thinking processes, we help your company to understand its users to identify business opportunities.

Usability and Interface Design

If you already have a product launched on the market, Luby validates your system, considering UX&UI concepts that guarantee an impactful solution.


The design of the application architecture and the use of cloud services are fundamental in the development of scalable, secure and easy-to-maintain digital projects. Luby offers customized and efficient solutions in application and cloud architecture, ensuring the creation of robust and innovative projects.

Our team of specialists is ready to drive your business towards success, with flexibility, optimization of resources and reduction of operational costs.

Execution and Delivery

Specialized and Dedicated Squads

Luby’s specialized and dedicated Squads provide innovative digital solutions for your business. With an experienced and highly qualified multidisciplinary team, you are guaranteed a project executed with agility, precision and quality, from planning to the final delivery of the product.

Highly Qualified Team

Professionals specialized in different skills.

Cost Reduction

No need to invest in infrastructure and internal resources.

Agility and Efficiency

Agile methodologies to provide fast and quality deliveries.

Focus on Core Business

Your company can focus on core activities.

Communication and Transparency

Clear communication to ensure alignment of expectations.

Domain of Technologies

Expert talents in more than 40 technologies.

How it Works

Check out the step-by-step process of software development with an agile squad:

Luby’s specialized and dedicated Squads provide innovative digital solutions for your business. With an experienced and highly qualified multidisciplinary team, you are guaranteed a project executed with agility, precision and quality, from planning to the final delivery of the product.


Definition of objectives, goals and priorities.


Creating user interfaces and experiences (UX/UI)

Development and Testing

Implementation of features and integrations, as well as integrated tests to ensure product quality


Launching the product in the production environment


Continuous deliveries and improvements based on feedback.

Discover Squad's Versatility in Project Execution


Modernization and optimization of existing applications

Systemic Integrations

Connection and communication between APIs

Evolution and Maintenance

Continuous improvement and support of applications

Web and Mobile Applications

Customer-facing solutions for engagement and sales

Internal Systems

Tools for management and operational improvement.

IoT projects

Implementation of smart solutions for connected devices

Sectors We Accelerate

More than 600 projects

In different segments, Luby accelerates the development of its projects with experience and diversified knowledge.

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Banks and Fintechs

With more than 14 years of experience in the sector, Luby specializes in customized solutions for Fintechs and Banking Institutions in Brazil and the USA.

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For 10 years, Luby has been working with the agribusiness sector, providing systems for monitoring crops in real time and reducing operational costs.

Logistics and Mobility

For 12 years, we have been serving traditional companies and startups in logistics, georeferencing and urban mobility.

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Luby has been offering E-learning and education solutions for startups, companies, NGOs and educational institutions for 10 years.

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We have been operating for 10 years developing health solutions with a focus on innovation and patient experience.

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We offer customized legal process automation solutions to improve productivity.


Overcome Hiring Challenges

High-performance Tech talents to enhance your project

Get the Extra Skills You Need to Meet Deadlines and Demands

Timing is crucial for the success of projects, avoiding financial and opportunity losses. Having an adequate and specialized team is fundamental. However, in some phases, extra skills or reinforcements may be needed to meet deadlines and demands. Luby offers the Outsourcing service, enabling the outsourcing of qualified and specific talents, overcoming challenges, risks, costs and bureaucracies in hiring professionals and boosting your business.

Multidisciplinary Team

Talents specialized in different skills, guaranteeing END-TO-END solutions.

+20 Thousand Talents at your Disposal

Access to a wide range of qualified professionals.

High Speed

With agile methodology, our team is prepared to meet demands quickly.

Precision in Execution

Teams aligned with the specific needs of the project, ensuring assertive results.

Cost Reduction

Investment optimization with adequate teams and high quality.

No Bureaucracy

Ease of processes for hiring, replacing and terminating professionals.

Process of Mapping and Selection of the ideal profile

Initial Meeting

Identification of the ideal profile according to all needs.

Profile Analysis

Analysis of profiles and curriculum selection of candidates.

Cultural fit

Behavioral assessment and cultural fit of candidates.

Technical Assessments

Conducting technical assessments.


Presentation of qualified candidates to the client.


Kick-off of the project and integration of the selected professional


Follow-up to align expectations and objectives

Excellence in Monitoring and Evolution of Professionals

Performance Evaluation

We evaluate the performance of our professionals and establish a development plan to help them reach their maximum potential.

Monitoring with the Professional

We hold regular conversations with our professionals to discuss objectives, identify challenges and opportunities, and promote their professional growth.

Analysis of Results and Action Plan

We carefully analyze the results of the performance evaluation and establish continuous improvement plans for our professionals.

Performance Guarantee

The account manager monitors and provides support throughout the professional's assignment to the project, guaranteeing performance.

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Agile Culture and Continuous Evolution

Our team stands out for its technical capacity and commitment to results, being able to deal with everyday Tech challenges, maintaining focus and quality, even in dynamic industries and challenging environments.

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