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Meet our Strategy & Growth Specialist, who will be in town for Collision (June 17 – 20).
Maíse Mandel Luby
Maise Mandel
Strategy & Growth Specialist

Meet our Strategy & Growth Specialist


Why do fintechs often work with us?

They care about development speed.

They are concerned about deployment quality.

They are frustrated that budget constraints hinder their ability to grow the tech team.

5 Desired Services for Financial Companies & Fintechs

Professional work at the computer, see data analysis, symbolize fintech software development.

Front-end and Back-end Development

Front-end and Back-end Revamp

Product maintenance & Technical Debt mitigation

Design a new user interface

Automate process

Successful Cases

Leading innovation in the U.S. financial marketplace
Sunwest Bank trusted us to develop an online account opening and loan application platform that resulted in:
post-pandemic customer retention
0 %
growth in new customers
0 %
One-hour account opening 500% faster than manual process
0 %
Sunwest Bank Luby - admin panel
Streamlining the American experience by enabling payments with a simple photo
Papaya trusted Luby to build an application that could interpret different types of photos and process payments seamlessly. The result of this strategic partnership is:
Acquired over 150,000 customers within the first year.
+ 0
Over 550,000 payments processed.
+ 0
Increased the valuation of the fintech to approximately $300 million.
$ 0 m
Luby's Sucess Case - Papaya Website
Usend logo, the Luby's fintech sucessful case
Cutting-edge solution for cross-border payments
We contributed to the development of the Usend application, which generated:
Acquired over 150,000 customers within the first year.
+ 0
Extended access to over 13 million users.
0 m
Delivered value to over 40 countries with our solution.
Established as a leader in shipments to Latin America and the United States.
Luby's fintech sucessful case, Usend User Experience

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