Your Developers and Ours, Seamless Integrated.

Top Rated Nearshore Software Development

Top Rated Nearshore Software Development

Reduce risk and costs with our proficient nearshore engineering talent that is readily available and easily scalable.

Staff Augmentation. Talk to a Specialist.


Trusted by Startups, SMB and Banks.

Advantages of Augmenting Your Tech Teams with Us.

Flexibility to scale your tech team

Up to 40% cost savings over an in-house team

Same timezone, seamless to communicate

No recruitment delays

Bring new talent into your own team structure

Reach the best vetted tech talent

Our process. Straightforward.

Our professionals have decades of experience working with internal teams. We have you covered.
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Step 1
Discovery Call

Provide detailed insight into your business during a discovery call. We'll explore project requirements, success criteria, timeframe, budget, and skill sets to assess our fit with your needs.

Step 2
Tech Talent Interview

Within days, we'll hand-select developers who perfectly match your requirements and have the necessary expertise.

Step 3
Onboarding and Ramp-Up

We are best at hitting the ground running. Effortlessly onboard new team members, efficiently manage their engagement, and easily scale your workforce to meet evolving needs.

Reasons to choose Luby

With a decade of experience, Luby has established itself as a premier provider of tech staffing services to companies throughout the Americas. Our proven track record and implementation of best practices ensure the success of every engagement.

Vetted Highly skilled developers


Growth Flexibility

Proudly Serving the World's Leading Companies

Leveraging staff augmentation is highly beneficial if you are looking to expand your development capabilities, whether for a single team or multiple teams.

Awards & Recognitions

We specialize in end-to-end digital transformation and staff augmentation, helping organizations design, deliver, and evolve their digital products.


Do not take our word for it

Yim Kyu Lee

CTO & CPO, Cartos

"They train developers to scale up the programming with specialized management."

Matthew March

EVP & CIO, Sunwest Bank

"They understand our business and we’re really pleased with their involvement."

Ran Grushkowsky


"They've been doing phenomenal — we're happy with their performance."

Artur Piasi

CTI Manager, Datora Telecom

"We appreciate the organization and proximity of the commercial team."

Marco Antonio

CEO & Founder, iGig

"This isn't an amateur deliverable; it's polished, well thought through, and above my requirements."

Aldo Pietropaolo

CSO, Neocova

"We found that the quality of Luby's engineers is fantastic for the price point. I highly recommend their services."

Bruno Rodrigues Paravatti

Tech Manager, Agrotools

"I am impressed with their ease of adaptation to our work processes and their massive contributions to the agenda."

Ready to accelerate Your Growth with our Elite Team of Vetted Developers?

Is Staff Augmentation your solution?

Staff Augmentation is a great approach when you need an extra boost your development capacity, either in a single squad or across multiple teams.  At Luby, we are able to integrate with your existing structure with ease, naturally becoming an extension of it.
IT Staff Augmentation.
Dedicated Tech Teams
Custom Made Software
Flexibly Scale Your Tech Bandwidth.
Have access to the top tech talent
Teams Working On Your Timezone
Place very specific tech positions
Manage the Professionals Yourself
Integrate the Team into Your Own Structure
Have a Full Team Supporting Your Tech Needs
Reduce Internal Stakeholder Involvement
Advance Tech Roadmap Without Internal Know-How
Outsource the Full Management of the Backlog

We deliver scalable Tech Solutions

At Luby, we provide IT staffing services that offer sourcing reliability, flexibility and speed so you can grow your tech team with the right resources at the right time.
Delivery Team
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Extended Team
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3 reasons to choose Luby

At Luby, we provide IT staffing services that offer sourcing reliability, flexibility and speed so you can grow your tech team with the right resources at the right time.

Amazing Quality

Sourcing Agility

Growth Flexibility:

Technology Intelligence
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