Sunwest Bank – Success through a nearshore partnership

Luby Nearshore Partnership

One of the hottest topics around here, nearshore outsourcing is still a subject that generates a lot of doubts and uncertainties in some people. So to resolve that, today we are going to explain how this relationship works and why you should definitely consider working with a nearshore company.

From day one, the biggest concern we usually hear is whether the client will still have control over the projects being outsourced. And we, as experts in the subject, understand that jumping into software outsourcing can be intimidating at first, regardless of where the project is being outsourced to.

The key element here is having transparency between the service provider and the client. Take the time to understand what control actually means to both parties, because sometimes the client’s main concern is budget or schedule, and the scope itself is fairly open. 

A transparent and clear communication will lead to a trustworthy relationship and once there is trust, it really doesn’t matter where the team performing the project is located.

To explain it better, we would like to emphasize our partnership with Sunwest Bank, which started more than 3 years ago and has been achieving success and growth to both companies ever since.

But before we tell you everything about this successful nearshore partnership, we must put a stop to the myths and rumours.

For starters, you should know that the client will always have full control over the project when choosing a nearshore solution. However, how much control you have over the project and how things will evolve, that depends directly on how transparent and experienced your provider actually is.

Luby has been working with US-based companies for over 8 years, delivering cutting-edge digital solutions while building long lasting relationships. With Sunwest Bank was no different, throughout these amazing years of partnership, we managed to achieve great results and the scope being trusted to us has been growing every year. 

To exemplify that, nothing better than the own word’s of the bank’s CIO: 

“Sunwest Bank has been a customer of Luby since 2017 and Alon and the Luby team have done a great job for the Bank on various development projects. As with all offshore development engagements, setting expectations and having solid requirements, use cases, and test cases, are keys to success, but Luby is certainly one of the best off-shore app dev teams I have ever worked with (and I’ve worked with many offshore teams in my career).” Mattew March – CIO, Sunwest Bank

By evaluating Luby’s success stories and setting the bank’s expectations from day one, we were able to start a healthy and transparent relationship between the two companies, which has been translated into the delivery of several different projects.

From  complete platforms and specific API’s, to iOS applications and so on, Luby has been allocated as the tech branch of Sunwest Bank, supporting them in delivering innovative solutions requiring many different technology stacks.

So to summarize it all, finding a reliable and  trustworthy partner that meets your standards and expectations is the best way to allow you to be at ease with nearshore outsourcing projects. 

Having a company meeting the needed criteria and providing an outstanding experience just like we have been doing for Sunwest Bank is key. And if you are really interested in accessing it, just reach out to our team and we will be happy to support you as well.

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