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Develop a modern and secure payroll loan offering

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The Capital Consig Challenge

Capital Consig’s goal was to modernize its payroll lending process without compromising the security of these transactions.The highly manual and analog process they had in place made it difficult to offer loans, resulting in low conversion rates and high operational costs.

The Luby solutions integrated into this project:

Finance Innovation

Initially, Capital Consig turned to Luby to integrate its operations with a mainstream banking core. However, the previously selected solution did not meet their expectations. Proactively seeking to address their needs, we proposed the development of a new solution that was truly secure and of high technical quality.

In the first phase of this project, our UX & UI team conducted a discovery process. Based on the findings, we mapped out the functionalities and created the entire product roadmap. A multidisciplinary team consisting of product owners and developers then started to develop a hybrid application integrated with regulatory bodies such as SPB, SPI and PSTI.

As a result, we were able to deliver a robust and secure product in the first version of the application, which was validated in the market and well received by customers and partners.

Banking Development

As we continued to serve Capital Consig, we focused on enhancing the initial application with a team dedicated to adding new services and features to further strengthen operations. Capital Consig’s customers also gained access to a digital account, complementing the product offering and creating new business opportunities for the company.

A back-office platform was developed to help Capital Consig control the entire credit operation. The solution is constantly evolving, with our team specializing in the financial sector actively contributing to the product’s construction.
Capital Consig mobile app, the Luby's fintech sucessful case


In order to ensure a secure operation in line with the best practices in the market in terms of anti-fraud and cybersecurity, our dedicated team played an active role in designing the entire security flow for the application. Integration with Know Your Customer (KYC) tools supports data validation, fraud detection, and provides advanced onboarding features such as face match, liveness detection, and background check.

The results of this
strategic partnership:

+20 million customers.

The app has a rating of 4.3 in the stores.

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Client Review

“Luby has complete teams, quick understanding, with senior professionals, which facilitates the understanding and evolution of the project.”

Tabajara Junior (Product Director)

Skill Set

Front-end Development

Back-end Development

Mobile Development


Tech & Stack

About the company

Capital Consig is a financial technology institution (fintech), founded in 2018 with the goal of streamlining the process of granting payroll loans.
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