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Banking Systems and Applications

Digital Banking Solutions for a better and safer user experience

We help Financial Institutions keep pace with fintech advancements, leveraging our experience and expertise to bring technology roadmap to life.

With an experienced team in banking engineering and user experience (UX) design, Luby helps FIs create digital solutions that deliver the easy and personalized service today's customers expect.

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Solutions already deployed

Banking Solutions

Digital Onboarding & Account Opening: Streamlined and modernized account opening processes for improved security, efficiency, and customer experience.

Banking as a Service (BaaS) System: Design and implementation of BaaS solutions that enable banks to offer flexible and scalable banking services.

Core System Upgrades: Upgraded core systems to ensure compatibility, security, scalability, and compliance with evolving industry standards.

Financial Management

Accounting System Integration: Integrate robust accounting systems to ensure accurate financial reporting and compliance.

Custom Ledger Development: Develop customized ledger solutions to meet specific banking requirements and enhance financial management capabilities.

Innovation and Technology

Image Payments with AI: Leverage artificial intelligence for image-based payment processing to improve accuracy and speed.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI): Implement powerful analytics solutions to derive actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Back Office Platform: Scalable back-office platforms to support evolving banking needs and drive operational efficiencies.

Web Wallet Development: Secure and feature-rich web wallet solutions for convenient and secure digital transactions.

Customer Experience

UX/UI Design: Intuitive and easy-to-use banking application interfaces that prioritize customer satisfaction and engagement.

New Digital Account Opening: Seamless digital account opening processes that minimize paperwork and increase customer convenience.

Compliance and Risk Management

Loan Application Process Automation:  Automate loan application processes to streamline workflows and accelerate approvals.

Digital Loan Status Tracking: Solutions that allow clients to track the status of their loan applications in real-time.

Fraud Technology Strategy and Deployment: Implementing robust fraud prevention strategies and technologies to protect against evolving threats.

Mobile Fraud Prevention: Implement cutting-edge mobile security measures to protect against potential threats and fraud.


Banking Systems Integration: Seamlessly integrate banking systems to increase efficiency and improve operations.

Integration Services: Seamlessly integrate new solutions with existing banking systems, ensuring smooth interoperability and data flow.


Outsourced Banking Engineers: Augment your team with skilled banking engineers to accelerate development and meet project deadlines.

Outsourced Product Designers: Access world-class product design expertise to create intuitive and easy-to-use banking solutions.

Outsourced Program Management: Delegate program management to focus on your core business.

Payment Solutions

Batch Transaction System: A system designed to process multiple transactions simultaneously as a group rather than individually, which improves efficiency and reduces processing time.

Cross-border payments: Transactions involving the transfer of funds between parties in different countries, often involving currency conversion and compliance with international regulations.

Global Payment Solutions (Pay-In & Pay-Out): Comprehensive services that facilitate both the receipt (pay-in) and disbursement (pay-out) of payments across multiple countries and currencies.

Hyper-localized payment methods: Payment methods tailored to specific regional or local preferences, enabling businesses to effectively meet diverse customer needs.

Multi-Currency: Support for transactions and balances in more than one currency, enabling businesses and individuals to operate seamlessly in different economic environments.

Payment Orchestration: Implement advanced payment orchestration systems to efficiently route and manage payment processes.

Payments (In & Out): Receive payments (In) and make payments (Out) in various forms such as transactions, invoices, or statements.

PSP System Development: Development of payment service provider systems, which are platforms that facilitate online payments and transactions for businesses and consumers.

And others.

Additional solutions:
Unlocking our full potential!

Additional solutions:
Unlocking our full potential!

Implement blockchain technology to increase security, transparency, and efficiency in banking operations.
Easily add new digital solutions on top of core banking systems. Minimize disruption and ensure data integrity.
Design and develop customized digital banking experiences for retail customers and small and midsize businesses.

Drive innovation within your organization through our Digital Innovation services, which foster creativity and agility in banking solutions.

Streamline customer onboarding processes with seamless digital solutions that increase convenience and reduce friction.
Create cohesive omnichannel banking experiences that seamlessly integrate online, mobile, and in-person interactions.

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