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Revitalizing the U.S. banking system

The DCI Challenge

DCI set itself a significant goal: to improve the structure of one of its most important core solutions, core banking, by incorporating the latest UX practices.

The successful outcomes of this initiative sparked a continuous stream of extensive partnerships between Luby and DCI. These collaborations range from the ground-up design of new fintech solutions to the revitalization of their core applications.

The Luby solutions integrated into this project:


Project: GoBanking
Luby took on the challenge of redesigning DCI’s entire online bank, a solution that combines different products to serve the more than 200 community banks connected to it.
Its main challenge was to improve the usability of an already consolidated and robust platform, modernizing its customers’ interaction with it, without losing its essence and functionalities.

For this mission, our work was divided into different phases:
  • Exploratory research with the banks.
  • Mapping of the entire system (its functionalities, components, interface, bank configurations, clients and available customizations).
  • Desk Research to understand the characteristics and specificities of community banks and their customers.
  • Benchmarking with direct and indirect competitors to better understand their offers, interfaces and experiences.
  • Redesign of system screens and flows.
Our initial work made it possible to define the project’s constraints and short- and long-term vision, explore business rules, produce wireframes, experiment with solutions and discuss with the client how to improve them, in order to build the first prototype.

From this, we were able to prioritize our deliveries and have already redesigned some of the main interfaces and experiences that add value for users. Finally, we are working on improving the Cash Management section (batch payments)
DCI's Cash Management, Luby's fintech sucessful case

Banking Evolution

Project: GoOpen
Our Banking Evolution solution focuses on the evolution of banking systems and has helped DCI refactor the account opening module of its system. The challenge is to solve the system’s problems and transform it into a modern and functional environment. Our team of experts consists of Designers, Product Managers, Teach Leads, Architects and Developers. To transform the system into something scalable and more connectable, our work included some initial actions such as:
  • Analysis of the system. Benchmarking with ten competitors.
  • Walking through all the steps in the new account opening process.
  • Interviewing DCI employees.
  • Performing a heuristic analysis of the administrative system to find features that could be improved.
Based on these initial studies, the project to develop the new application was divided into 3 different fronts: Administration side: Used exclusively by DCI users, where the bank’s environment and product configuration can be set up. Workspace: Used mainly by banks and also by DCI users, this is the space where banks receive applications from customers, analyze their information and make the decision to approve or reject applications. Application Form: Used by bank customers to apply for a specific account. The application is sent to the banks in the workspace. The development of a design system was also necessary to standardize the product and speed up its development. In addition, we helped DCI integrate with Plaid, an application that allows efficient transfers and financial transactions between users and has been a great ally in the development of operations.
DCI's Admin Panel, Luby's fintech sucessful case

The results of this
strategic partnership:

39% savings on total project value compared to a US supplier.

25% savings on the total value of the project compared to a supplier in Kansas (where the client is headquartered).

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Client Review

“Since Luby Software joined the project, we have seen significant improvements and progress in the initiative. Project management has proven to be very effective through communication via email, Microsoft Teams and other tools. In general, the team is characterized by open communication and a proactive attitude.
This is a very solid company with great ambitions.”
Daren Fankhauser (CTO)

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About the company

DCI is a leading developer of Fintech, core processing, and digital banking solutions. With nearly 60 years of experience, DCI is a leader in developing banking technology and services for community banks throughout the North American market.
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