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Celcoin logo, the Luby's fintech sucessful case

The Celcoin Challenge

Celcoin wanted to develop and modernize its Banking as a Service system and found in Luby a partner with the necessary expertise in the financial sector to provide strategic support in this process.

The Luby solutions integrated into this project:

Banking Evolution

Celcoin’s Banking as a Service system was developed some time ago, as the company is a pioneer in this business. However, the technology has evolved significantly in recent years. This evolution necessitated the modernization of the core system, and it is in this context that our team supported Celcoin.

Our involvement began with a detailed assessment of the existing software to identify areas for improvement. Based on this diagnosis, we initiated the development process, focusing on restructuring and modernizing the legacy applications for Banking as a Service and the banking infrastructure.
Celcoin Banking Evolution, the Luby's fintech sucessful case

Finance Outsourcing

Satisfied with the results of our work in developing and refactoring their BaaS core banking, Celcoin also relies on Luby’s talent outsourcing. Our Finance Outsourcing solution selects the ideal profiles, from both a technical and business perspective, to work alongside the client’s internal teams. When the need arose for qualified backend developers to join Celcoin’s internal teams, we quickly provided professionals that met the client’s expectations.
Celcoin Finance Outsourcing, the Luby's fintech sucessful case

The results of this
strategic partnership:

+5 thousand customers, including digital banks, fintechs and other companies.

Total monthly transactions of US$ 1,6 billion.

20 million monthly transactions.

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Client Review

“I recommend Luby because they are true partners. They help us with our needs quickly and without compromising quality. They understand the changes we go through in our business and are always willing to help.”
Ítalo Souza (Business Partner Tech)

Skill Set

Back-end Development

Back-end Development


Tech & Stack

About the company

With a comprehensive infrastructure in embedded finance and as one of the main references in open finance in Brazil, Celcoin has been a pioneer in connecting companies from all sectors to the opportunities of the financial market. Its modularized solutions are tailored to the specific needs of each client, and since 2016, the company has played a crucial role in shaping the narrative of Banking as a Service in the country.
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