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Transform bureaucracy into a smooth, user-friendly experience.

The Gardini Law Challenge

Redesign and modernization of the U.S. visa application process to streamline operations and dramatically simplify the completion of complex forms. This initiative aims to revolutionize the application process and ensure a seamless, intuitive experience for customers.

The Luby solutions integrated into this project:

E-commerce & Marketplace

The Gardini Law system simplifies and expedites the bureaucratic process for Brazilians seeking to obtain a U.S. visa, which historically takes an average of one year in Brazil.

Challenge and technical solution
When initiating an American visa process, Gardini Law administrators were faced with the complexity of filling out dozens of PDF forms. Although a USCIS web system was available, it covered only a few visa types, leaving out over 150 options. To overcome this limitation, Luby developed an application capable of reading and interpreting updated PDF application forms.

The application automatically identifies all relevant fields and saves the records in Gardini Law’s system. This not only streamlines the process for administrators, but also allows for a more intuitive and efficient experience for clients. The website, developed based on e-commerce business rules, guides the user through the process of identifying the appropriate visa and facilitates the completion of the form.

Luby’s delivery provided a tangible benefit:
  • Eliminated the need for customers to wade through confusing forms
  • Logical sequence of information in an easy-to-use interface
  • Automatic generation of a completed PDF at the end of the process
  This streamlined approach significantly reduced the time required to obtain the U.S. visa, making the process more efficient and accessible.


Luby worked to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface on the Gardini Law website, providing clients with a simplified experience in identifying the most appropriate visa. The form filling process was optimized to ensure a smooth journey, allowing users to complete the process with ease. This user-centric design not only reduced the perceived complexity for customers, but also contributed significantly to customer success, resulting in a more efficient and satisfying interaction with the platform.

Data Analytics

We developed a data analytics dashboard with a customized administration panel to meet the specific needs of Gardini Law staff. This dashboard provides a holistic, real-time view of the entire U.S. visa process, allowing administrators to monitor and optimize each step of the workflow.

The results of this
strategic partnership:

2x reduction in the time required to obtain the American visa

19 years of market experience

4.6 out of 5.0 in customer reviews

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Client Review

“Luby’s organizing, dedication and commitment are excellent.”
Eduardo Silva – Founder, Domper

Skill Set

Front-end Development

Back-end Development

Ux & UI Design

Tech & Stack

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About the company

Gardini Law is a pioneering platform for immigrants seeking legal entry into the United States. With offices in the USA, the company streamlines the process of obtaining American visas, accelerating and modernizing the entire process.
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