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The ability to face challenges and constantly evolve is critical to the survival and success of companies. In its two decades of existence, Luby has distinguished itself as a leading technology company, firmly positioned at the forefront of digital transformation. With a journey marked by innovation and excellence, we have become a global reference, leading the technological revolution that has redefined the industry landscape.

Since our founding in 2002, we have played a key role in driving solutions that transcend boundaries, shaping the digital future with precision and mastery in every line of code. From my perspective as founder, Luby has solidified an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and expanding its impact on the global ecosystem.

Today, we are proud to celebrate remarkable achievements: a robust team of more than 300 dedicated professionals, the successful completion of more than 1,300 innovative projects, and the satisfaction of more than 500 global customers. These accomplishments not only showcase Luby’s expertise, but also underscore our role as an undisputed leader in the technology revolution.

In this article, I will share Luby’s journey over the past 22 years, highlighting the challenges we have overcome, our groundbreaking innovations, and our ongoing commitment to technological excellence. As CEO and founder, it is an honor to share the achievements and innovative spirit that have shaped Luby’s identity throughout this remarkable journey.

A journey of achievement and innovation

The transformative essence of code has not only built Luby’s reputation, but also led to groundbreaking milestones, with Claro as our first major client. The narrative evolved from blogs 2.0 and pioneering e-commerce in Brazil to the unveiling of ERPs, establishing Luby as an undeniable authority in innovative digital solutions.

In 2015, the company took off internationally, designing solutions for USEND, an application that would become legendary with its acquisition by Banco Inter. This turning point marked the company’s presence among fintechs and banks in the United States, exploring uncharted territory and establishing a central banking system that not only opened new doors, but also triggered new and promising opportunities in the financial sector.

LabLuby and Strategic Growth

In 2019, Luby launched LabLuby, an innovative program focused on empowering developers and transforming lives. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the company experienced remarkable growth, expanding its team to over 300 professionals and achieving a significant 98.3% increase in revenue, reaching the milestone of R$9 million.

The move to a new strategic headquarters in São Paulo, on Avenida Juscelino Kubitschek, not only expanded operations beyond the city, but also connected us to new destinations through offices in Cornélio Procópio, Manaus and Miami.

R$ 14 million investment by Multilaser

In May 2021, Multilaser, a renowned Brazilian company in the electronics and IT sector, made a significant investment of R$14 million in Luby, betting on the exponential growth of our software factory and the joint development of innovative products.

Luby, at that time with 19 years of history and a team of 180 employees, collaborated intensively in different areas within Multilaser, identifying opportunities for digital transformation and creating spin-off initiatives, in line with the trend observed in major players in retail, wholesale and industry.

Our partner Alexandre Ostrowiecki, CEO of Multilaser, recognizes in us a valuable source of talent capable of meeting the growing demand for technology professionals and, above all, partners with the unique ability to co-create and develop disruptive products.

“In Luby, we have found not only a highly capable software development company, but also an environment that fosters the development of programming talent in Brazil,” Ostrowiecki emphasizes.

We see this investment from Multilaser as smart money, a catalyst capable of exponentially growing the company, directing resources toward hiring new talent, expanding our technology labs, and increasing our international operations.

Protagonist in successful projects in various sectors

Today, Luby is not only a technology company, but it also plays the role of protagonist in notable projects, positively impacting more than 500 clients in various sectors such as finance, education, mobility, health, logistics, accounting, law, retail and agriculture. Explore some of our cases by clicking here.

Over the past 10 years, we have experienced significant growth in our team and revenue, driven by our expansion in the United States and continued acceleration in the Brazilian market.

Clutch Seals of Excellence and Commitment to Innovation

The seals of excellence awarded by Clutch attest to our relentless pursuit of quality and commitment to exceptional delivery. More than just a company, Luby positions itself as a driving force for technological growth, both in Latin America and globally.

These seals of approval are tangible proof of our commitment to exceeding expectations and constantly striving to provide digital solutions that go beyond conventional standards. At Luby, we are recognized not only for what we do, but also for the exceptional results we deliver to our clients, solidifying our position as the undisputed leader at the forefront of technological innovation.

Clutch Awards Luby Global Company

Innovation and Consolidated Growth: Luby’s New Headquarters in Pinheiros

Today, in line with Luby’s 22-year journey, we celebrate a significant phase with the recent relocation of our headquarters to Rua Amália de Noronha, No. 151, Room 303 – Pinheiros, São Paulo/SP.

This carefully considered strategic decision reflects our commitment to sustainability and integration, and symbolizes a significant milestone in our ongoing journey of growth and innovation. The new office in Pinheiros is more than just a workspace; it is a tangible expression of the core values that guide Luby, designed to inspire, facilitate collaboration and foster innovation.

More than just a new address, this change is a symbol of our commitment to leading the digital transformation and strengthening connections with partners, colleagues, and friends.

Luby technology professionals gathered at the company’s headquarters to discuss the business.

Luby's professional Technology Company office

Innovation shaped by 22 years of experience

With every line of code we write at Luby, we not only meet expectations, we redefine the standards for digital solutions. We have become true architects of innovation in motion, pushing boundaries and setting trends for over two decades. In our 22-year journey, we have not only built a company, we have built a legacy of innovation, excellence and progress.

In the digital age, where the present serves as the foundation for the future, Luby is at the forefront, making the impossible possible through a masterful fusion of innovation, technology, and an epic journey into the unknown. The future is now, and we are ready for the next 22 years and beyond.

Our mission at Luby goes beyond being a technology company; it is to transform lives and realities through the talents that impact business. We stand at the intersection of technology and the future. We invite you to join us in the next era of innovation, where excellence is our compass and progress is constant.

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Luby Editorial Team

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