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Remote Software Teams.

Seamless Integration.

Achieve streamlined and dependable end-to-end project delivery through our proficient in-house software development teams.

Supercharge your roadmap with a dedicated team

A software development team comprises individuals with complementary skills, working together to deliver projects. Roles may include developers, DevOps engineers, QA specialists, UX designers, and more. The team operates cohesively with varying levels of management involvement. We closely assess your needs, assemble the team, and seamlessly integrate them into your company.

Our experts have worked with in-house teams for over 20 years

Our dedicated teams have supported companies from different industries for over 20 years

Benefits of Luby’s dedicated software development team

Foster focus in your in-house team

Empower our team to handle project delivery, allowing your in-house teams to concentrate on propelling your business to new heights.

Eliminate recruitment delays

Recruiting the right talent can be time-consuming. However, we excel at swiftly assembling a team of experts and expediting their onboarding process to save valuable time.

Achieve control with minimal overhead

Our dev teams work autonomously, where you oversee project direction while they handle day-to-day tasks.

Access Top-Quality, Pre-Vetted Talent

Rest assured, we have already conducted thorough testing for technical, logical, and soft-skill abilities, saving you the effort and ensuring top-notch talent.

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4 Advantages of Dedicated Development Teams

4 Advantages of Dedicated Development Teams

For every customer, we provide a dedicated project manager who oversees the team’s day-to-day progress, workflow and reports to you or to your designated internal stakeholder as often as needed, to ensure process transparency and alignment with your company’s strategic goals.
Our remote teams seamlessly adapt to your organization’s schedule, business hours, time zones, internal processes, and software preferences, ensuring compliance is never a hindrance to the successful delivery of your tech projects.
Luby’s tech experts possess full proficiency in Agile Methodologies and a shared understanding of project requirements, having collaborated effectively on similar engagements. This enables them to seamlessly integrate into your development process, regardless of its specificity, with remarkable speed and efficiency.
Acquiring an Extended Tech Team from Luby ensures freedom from the unpredictable expenses of searching, selecting, vetting, and retaining IT specialists among your organization’s FTEs.

Maximize the potential of your in-house development team!

Maximize the potential of your in-house development team!

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What a Typical Software Development Team Consists Of

Dedicated Team Luby Front-end
Front-end Developers
Crafting Intuitive, Exquisite, and User-Friendly Interfaces for Websites and Applications.
Dedicated Team Luby Back-end
Back-end Developers
Expert in Unseen Software Components: Logic, Performance, Server, Databases, and System Design.
Dedicated Team Luby Product Owner
Project Managers/ Product Owners
Lead and manage the Full Development Process to Guarantee Project Success.
Dedicated Team Luby QA
QA Engineers
With attention to detail and rigorous testing, we uphold the highest standards to ensure your applications function flawlessly.
Dedicated Team Luby Business Analysts
Business Analysts
Discovering and Disseminating valuable data insights that improve business and development processes.
Dedicated Team Luby UX UI Design
UX/UI Designers
Design compelling digital journeys by creating user interface wireframes and prototypes.
Dedicated Team Luby DevOps
DevOps Engineers
Ensure underlying infrastructure reliability, scalability, and security.
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Unleash the Full Potential of Your Business

We have proficiency in more than 40 tech stacks.

It doesn’t matter the IT staffing challenge you may have, we got you covered! From very specific Roles to Complete Multidisciplinary Teams.
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Why Choose Us for Dedicated Software Development Team?

Using embedded software teams is key to efficiently reduce overall development costs while maintaining quality and control over the roadmap.

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Staff Augmentation Dedicated Tech Teams Custom Made Software
Bridge skill gaps with exceptional
Seamlessly integrate developers into
your current teams
Take charge of managing your team
Access the cream of the crop in tech
talent within your timezone
Elevate your workforce effortlessly
Streamline operations with minimal
in-house team engagement
Experience the power of a dedicated
team working in sync with you
Effortlessly reduce management
involvement with our project managers

Looking to enhance your in-house development team? Discover how we can assist you.

Our streamlined process for success

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Step 1Initiate a discovery call

Engage in a discovery call where you can provide us with valuable insights about your business. We'll delve into your project requirements, success criteria, timeline, budget, and the specific skill sets you require. This helps us determine if we are the right fit for your needs.

Step 2Acquire the precise team you require

We'll swiftly curate the perfect team tailored to your needs, collaborating with you to onboard and seamlessly integrate them into your operations.

Step 3Start your project and monitor progress

Once onboarded, your new team will begin work promptly. You can oversee progress, manage the team, and easily adjust headcount as required, ensuring optimal scalability

How We Can Work Together

Staff Augmentation

Our software developers in your teams.
Software Development Outsourcing Luby Your Team.

Software Development Teams

Our teams in your organization.
Staff Augmentation Luby Professionals.

Software Development Outsourcing

Our PM and software development teams building for you.

Our Solutions


Staff Augmentation

Incorporate our talented software developers into your existing team seamlessly

Dedicated Teams

Collaborate with our skilled software teams as an extension of your organization.

Software Outsourcing

Entrust our project managers and software teams to build exceptional solutions for you

Application Modernization

Escape vendor lock-in, control IT costs, and stay ahead with our cutting-edge software updates

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We connect brilliant tech minds with global companies

Since 2002, we have accelerated the digital transformation of companies in Brazil, USA and Europe through the allocation of qualified multidisciplinary developers who create innovative solutions.

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Just fill in this form our call us at +1 (305) 600 1993

Start Accelerating your Digital Roadmap Today!

Just fill in this form our call us at +1 (305) 600 1993

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