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The bank engaged Luby for bespoke technical projects, and the collaboration expanded to multiple open scope projects with dozens of tech professionals.
DCI teamed up with Luby to enhance their core solution with UX best practices, resulting in continued collaboration. This extended to creating new fintech solutions and revitalizing legacy code for their core apps.
Neocova uses tailored tech to unlock bank data potential. Luby boosted efficiency, delivering key components alongside their engineers, swiftly enhancing Neocova’s data platform.
Seeking budget-friendly tech staff for their Brazilian office, the company expanded to add more tech roles, including offices from other LexisNexis subsidiaries across the Americas.
Luby enhanced Banco Master’s digital transformation, offering an innovative experience for customers with a digital wallet and account. The partnership resulted in enhanced services and experiences through Luby Outsourcing.
Luby implemented custom Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud integrations to streamline the US operation. In addition, we make continuous improvements to the site, providing an improved experience for users.
We created a practical and efficient money transfer app between the US and various countries, using Swift and Kotlin for native language integration. This included linking with the client’s platform APIs.
Having previously engaged with Luby in two different companies, MassPay’s CTO approached us directly. His goal was to assist the business in swiftly procuring front-end developers of the same high caliber he’s accustomed to.
Luby and Papaya innovated US payments using AI and computer vision. Their app processed 550,000+ payments, solving issues and driving fintech investment and valuation.
Luby designed a sophisticated Agrotools platform, offering holistic solutions for rural credit, insurance, procurement, and sales. Our system caters precisely to agriculture’s unique needs.
Luby developed a full mobile app, API, and front-end for Iguaçu, enabling efficient budgeting for agricultural equipment, even offline. We also created a management dashboard for sales and vendor management.
We’ve developed a comprehensive mobile platform for optimizing the agricultural equipment trading process. Our solution includes specialized features to help users easily discover, assess, and negotiate products.
We created a mobile app linked to smartwatches, enhancing the system’s tech. Through Discovery, Luby mapped the user journey and built a versatile framework for incorporating wellness devices.
Facing a hiring bottleneck, the company turned to Luby for swift and cost-effective recruitment of skilled scrum masters and diverse developers. Luby emerged as a dependable source for their IT talent needs.
The fashion brand wanted to replicate its 2023 NYFW show within the Metaverse in a very short time frame. Luby assembled digital environment quickly, delivering immersive hybrid experience on-site and virtually.
We designed a remote scheduling system with a mobile app for appointment requests and payments, ensuring efficient processes and a specialized user experience.
Advanced system for real-time monitoring of patient health data in care units, ensuring accurate and timely information. Our solution enables efficient health monitoring and informed medical decision making.
ZUUM APP is revolutionizing logistics with an easy-to-use platform, integrating a digital freight marketplace, shipper and carrier tools, and a driver app to optimize the $1.2 trillion industry.
We crafted a full platform and app for instant electric car rental at Smart Stations across Brazil. Covering Back-end, Front-end, Mobile, UX/UI, and Support, our solution offers a outstanding user experience.
We built a dealer-specific parts request and order system, optimizing sales by creating a precise product catalog, expediting purchases, and eliminating phone queues for a streamlined experience.
In need of a user-friendly charitable donations platform, two visionary founders partnered with Luby to design, develop, launch, and enhance their MVP, despite lacking technical skills.
IMI is a leading global HVAC solutions provider, delivering energy-efficient heating and cooling for both residential and commercial buildings across 100,000+ projects worldwide.
Luby crafted Custom White-Label Games for playful education, integrating institution-specific characters and interactions for an engaging experience.
REACH.ai: AI marketing with top POS integration for 450-600% better conversions. Luby sourced PHP and Python talent, streamlining tech hiring for front-end, back-end, and full-stack development.

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