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Transforming the shopping experience through technology innovation

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The Multi Challenge

In its digital transformation journey, Multi aims to strengthen and consolidate its market position through technology.

The Luby solutions integrated into this project:

E-commerce & Marketplace

Luby is developing a comprehensive project – from the ground up – to promote a line of exclusive Multi products. The backend development team uses the latest technologies such as React Native, NodeJS and SQL to create a solid and efficient foundation for the website. We ensure seamless integration with Multi’s database to provide fast and secure access to all necessary information.

Project Management
The success of this project is also the result of efficient project management. Using an agile approach, we maintain transparent and interactive communication with the Multi team to optimize project results.

Administrative Dashboard
The administrative dashboard under development will facilitate continuous content management of the website, allowing for quick and accurate updates.
Multi desktop


Product Discovery
The project begins with a mapping and discovery phase where our team identifies exactly how users interact and use the site’s functionality. This includes gathering detailed requirements to ensure that every aspect of the product is considered. Based on this information, we develop a prototype that serves as the basis for further development.

The UX & UI design team actively works to ensure an engaging and intuitive user experience. Every detail of the website is designed to facilitate navigation and highlight Multi’s products

Growth Hacking

In addition, we are implementing an innovative clipping service integrated into the website. This mechanism actively seeks and tracks relevant news about Multi on the web, facilitating Multi’s brand management.


We are developing MultiCleaner, a desktop application that optimizes computer performance by cleaning up obsolete files, suggesting improvements such as cache cleaning, deleting unused files, and removing inactive programs. We are also integrating the product as native software on new Multi computers. The system developed by Luby provides a turnkey solution that improves the user experience and maximizes computer performance.


Product Discovery
A detailed user journey study was conducted to create a product that meets and exceeds expectations, ensuring a state-of-the-art customer experience on the platform.

Squad as a Service​

The project development process follows the Squad as a Service model, assigning specialized professionals in various areas to ensure the continued success of the project. The team includes a Product Owner (PO), UX & UI design specialists, Tech Lead, and full stack developers. We implement MultiCleaner using technologies such as .NET and SQL to ensure solid performance, security and scalability.

E-commerce & Marketplace

The objective of this project is to enhance Multi’s online presence by creating and developing attractive landing pages for its products to be integrated into its e-commerce platforms. The aim of this initiative is to maximize the visibility of Multi’s products on partners’ sites, thereby significantly increasing sales.
Multi e-commerce and marketplace

The results of this
strategic partnership:

6.4 billion revenue in 2021

40,000 points of sale

6,000 item portfolio

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Client Review

“Luby’s organizing, dedication and commitment are excellent.”
Eduardo Silva – Founder, Domper

Skill Set

Front-end Development

Back-end Development

DevOps Engineering

Tech & Stack

About the company

The Multi, formerly known as Multilaser, is a publicly traded Brazilian company in the electronics and information technology sector. Since 1987, Multi has specialized in the marketing of technology, multimedia accessories, toys and health products.
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