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Trusted by US FIs and Fintechs

Trusted by US FIs and Fintechs

Successfully completed over 1,200 projects with our expert outsourced tech talent. As a software boutique, we have delivered customized solutions to the financial services industry for over a decade.

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Accelerate your roadmap with a specialized agency dedicated to building digital solutions for financial services. Recognized by Gartner Peer Insights as a Five-Star Custom Software Development Service.

From Concept to Realization: Our Proficiency in Full-Stack Solutions

From Concept to Realization:
Our Proficiency in Full-Stack Solutions

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• Banking as a Service System development
• Banking evolution
• Core banking solutions
• Customized ledger development
and more.

Fraud Prevention

• KYC - LexisNexis Integrations
• ID Analyzer integration
• Money Laundering Compliance Platform
• Cybersecurity Projects
and more.

Fintech Integrations

• KYC - LexisNexis integrations (both data and document verification)
• OFEC Integrations
• Plaid Integration
• ID Analyzer Integration
and more.

Investing and Wealth

• Investment Platforms (web and mobile)
• Digital wallet provider
• Drive Wealth integration
• Devenir Integration
and more.

Fintech Applications 

• Integrating advanced data analytics
• MVP development
• Modernizing onboarding processes
• Application Reengineering
and more.

Payments (in & out):

• Batch Transaction System
• Cross-border payments
• Global Payment Solutions (Pay-In & Pay-Out)
• Payment Orchestration
and more.


• Lending Platform Development
• Loan application process
• Track loan status digitally
• Payroll loan development
and more.


• APIs
• Remittance Platforms 
• Compliance Solutions
• Cryptocurrency Solutions
and more.

Proven record building from the ground up

Health Savings Account Application

Instant Payment Solutions

Core Banking Solutions

Payment Orchestrations

Remittance Solutions

Custom Ledger Development

Local Payment Solutions

Lending Platform Development

Working with us is a rewarding journey

Deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in the Fintech and Financial Services Industries.

Proven track record of delivering successful software solutions to Fintech and Financial Institutions.

A certified software development partner that meets rigorous standards.






Software Developers

Project Managers

QA Enginners

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UI/UX Designers

Data Scientists

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Customer Success Stories

Customer Success Stories

Discover how we’ve helped Fintechs and Financial Services institutions solve real business problems with technology. Our success stories are just the beginning – check out our services to discover more ways we can help your business.


The bank engaged Luby for bespoke technical projects, and the collaboration expanded to multiple open-scope projects with dozens of tech professionals.


DCI partnered with Luby to revamp their core solution, implementing UX best practices. The project's success led to ongoing engagements, encompassing the development of new fintech solutions and revitalizing legacy code for their core applications.

Data Security

The company was looking for cost-effective tech personnel to fill different positions from their Brazilian office, which paved the path for augmenting even more tech positions over time, including offices from other LexisNexis subsidiaries across the Americas.

Finance & Payments

Luby and Papaya innovated US payments using AI and computer vision. Their app processed 550,000+ payments, solving issues and driving fintech investment and valuation.

Finance & Payments

We created a practical and efficient money transfer app between the US and various countries, using Swift and Kotlin for native language integration. This included linking with the client’s platform APIs.

Finance & Payments

Online IPS sought to globalize the usage of the Pix (instant electronic payment) payment model, widely popular in Brazil. In pursuit of this goal, the company turned to Luby to develop a solution capable of meeting this international demand.

Finance & Payments

Having previously engaged with Luby in two different companies, MassPay’s CTO approached us directly. His goal was to assist the business in swiftly procuring front-end developers of the same high caliber he’s accustomed to.


Neocova uses tailored tech to unlock bank data potential. Luby boosted efficiency, delivering key components alongside their engineers, swiftly enhancing Neocova’s data platform.

Our streamlined process for success

Our streamlined process for success

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Step 1Intro Call

During our discovery call, we need to understand your infrastructure, technology context, required integrations, challenges, budget, and required skills to determine how we can help your business.

Step 2Solution Approach

Within days, we will develop a strategy to address your current needs and challenges and discuss engagement models.

Step 3Start The Project and Monitor Progress

After aligning on milestones, we'll promptly commence work. Our team will diligently track progress, provide regular updates, and continuously adapt to meet your evolving needs.

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