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Hire the best fintech developers

Hire the best fintech developers

Fintech Software Development Outsourcing

Stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of fintech software development, product expectations, and scalability. Luby has the expertise to help you meet these challenges and strengthen your company’s position against the competition.
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Why do fintechs often work with us?

Over 10 years of proven fintech and financial services expertise.

Our developers understand the business logic of fintech products.

We develop top-quality fintech products at lightning speed that you could not afford locally.

Digital solutions that we can assist you with

Digital solutions that we can assist you with

Professional work at the computer, see data analysis, symbolize fintech software development.


• Banking as a Service System development
• Banking evolution
• Core banking solutions
• Customized ledger development
and more.

Fraud Prevention

• KYC - LexisNexis Integrations
• ID Analyzer integration
• Money Laundering Compliance Platform
• Cybersecurity Projects
and more.

Fintech Integrations

• KYC - LexisNexis integrations (both data and document verification)
• OFEC Integrations
• Plaid Integration
• ID Analyzer Integration
and more.

Investing and Wealth

• Investment Platforms (web and mobile)
• Digital wallet provider
• Drive Wealth integration
• Devenir Integration
and more.

Fintech Applications 

• Integrating advanced data analytics
• MVP development
• Modernizing onboarding processes
• Application Reengineering
and more.

Payments (in & out):

Extensive experience integrating multiple payment methods and technologies.
• Batch Transaction System
• Cross-border payments
• Global Payment Solutions (Pay-In & Pay-Out)
• Payment Orchestration
and more.


Lending landscape with proprietary technology that is tailored to meet your unique business needs.
• Lending Platform Development
• Loan application process
• Track loan status digitally
• Payroll loan development
and more.


Software solutions for sending and receiving international money transfers securely and easily.
• APIs
• Remittance Platforms 
• Compliance Solutions
• Cryptocurrency Solutions
and more.

Proven record building from the ground up

Health Savings Account Application

Instant Payment Solutions

Core Banking Solutions

Payment Orchestrations

Remittance Solutions

Custom Ledger Development

Local Payment Solutions

Lending Platform Development

We have proficiency in more than 40 tech stacks

It doesn’t matter the IT staffing challenge you may have, our Outsourced Tech Talent has got you covered! From very specific Roles to Complete Multidisciplinary Teams.

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Clients who recommend Luby

Successful Cases

Leading innovation in the U.S. financial marketplace
Sunwest Bank trusted us to develop an online account opening and loan application platform that resulted in:
post-pandemic customer retention.
0 %
growth in new customers.
0 %
reduction in account opening time.
Over 0 %
Sunwest Bank Luby - admin panel
Streamlining the American experience by enabling payments with a simple photo
Papaya trusted Luby to build an application that could interpret different types of photos and process payments seamlessly. The result of this strategic partnership is:
Android app with over 100,000 downloads and a 4.7 rating on reviews.
+ 0
Over 550,000 payments processed.
+ 0
Increased the valuation of the fintech to approximately $300 million.
$ 0 m
Luby's Sucess Case - Papaya Website
Usend logo, the Luby's fintech sucessful case
Cutting-edge solution for cross-border payments
We contributed to the development of the Usend application, which generated:
customers in the first year.
+ 0
users with access to the product.
+ 0 million
countries benefit from the solution.
0 +
Luby's fintech sucessful case, Usend User Experience
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