To maximize sourcing success and avoid delays, it’s crucial to have a tech team with the right skills and on time.

Luby's Staff Augmentation is your go to solution. Guaranteed sourcing quality and faster than market timing.

Ensure tech project success with the right talent! Luby provides highly qualified professionals with your required skill set, allowing you to efficiently fill knowledge and skills gaps within your organization.

Staff Augmentation Services


Check Out Some of our Success Stories

Learn more about how we have been helping these amazing organizations to solve real business problems with the use of technology. And this is just a tip of what we can do for your business, so be sure to check our services to know more about them!

The bank started prospecting vendors to support them with bespoke technical projects for some of their key digital transformation initiatives. With the amazing results provided by Luby, the engagement has grown to multiple open scope projects being delivered by dozens of tech professionals.

The company had a bottleneck to efficiently source top-notch scrum masters and several developers from different stacks, to fill the open positions within their current squads. The found in Luby a reliable provider that could source the requested IT Talent in a very cost effective and much faster manner.

DCI came to be Luby so we could support them in redesigning one of their main core solutions according to UX best practices. The success in the project led to multiple and continuous engagements, ranging from developing new fintech solutions from scratch to revamping the legacy code of some of their core applications.

The fashion brand wanted to replicate its 2023 NYFW show within the Metaverse in a very short time frame and did not have neither a tech team or current vendor. Luby was able to assemble the digital environment in record time and managed the immersive hybrid experience both locally and virtually.

The company was looking for cost-effective tech personnel to fill different positions from their Brazilian office, which paved the path for augmenting even more tech positions over time, including offices from other LexisNexis subsidiaries across the Americas.

The two amazing founders had very challenging goals to enable donating to different charities something easy, pleasant and engaging. With no technical background, they relied on Luby to architect, develop, launch and continuously evolve their MVP.

Why Hire Our Staff Augmentation Services:

Talent On-Demand: Our Staff Augmentation services provide you with the best talent for your tech project needs. We offer a diverse pool of experts ranging from amazing software engineers, QA testers, Data consultants, and UX / UI specialists to very specific roles that match the particular structure of your organization. You can count on us to quickly provide you with the right talent for your project, ensuring a successful with your position’s requirements.
Cost-Effective and Scalable Solutions: Our IT Staff Augmentation services allow you to maintain a lean in-house team, while still expanding your bandwidth to meet new business demands. Avoid expensive salary costs by keeping your technical managerial roles in house and expanding the development work force with Luby’s talents. Our scalable solutions enable you to quickly pivot and rearrange your in-house IT staff, so you can grow your tech business with cost effective costs while keeping the quality.

Digital Transformation done right

Luby has 20+ years of experience in delivering innovative solutions to both start-ups, brick & mortar businesses and corporations.
Our expertise goes beyond industry’s walls, technology silos or technical roles. Here’s some of our services:

Software Development

From startups to large enterprises, we create innovative software products using best practices and agile methodologies.

API Development

We specialize in high-performance REST API development that is easy to consume, well-documented, scalable, and secure.

Application Development

All mobile applications we build offer a cutting-edge, intuitive user experience with powerful design and features.

UX & UI Design

We develop and create unique, user-centered experiences with modern visuals that achieve top tier usability goals and make your users feel satisfied.


We shorten the agile software development cycle, providing continuous and automated deliveries, as well as scalable and available infrastructure.

Product Design

The software conception stage is crucial for the next step: development. We solve this by generating greater predictability of time, costs, and go-to-market.

Use cases

Late-Series Start-Up
Our client needed to quickly expand a specific tech team to complete a milestone on time. Luby provided high level professionals within the particular specifications who worked seamlessly with the client’s team to ensure timely delivery and a successful outcome.
Early-Stage Start-Up
One of our clients needed to quickly scale the number of software engineers from different stacks, simultaneously. Luby’s team was able to rapidly source the respective profiles and became the go-to provider for all additional tech positions from this client ever since.
Tech Department in a Traditional Business
Our client was struggling with sourcing tech positions since their HR professionals lacked the expertise as the company’s core business was from an old-fashioned industry. Luby’s highly skilled HR professionals worked collaboratively with the client’s tech manager to refine the JDs and fill all open positions effectively.

Other segments we have already accelerated:

Banks and Fintechs








We connect brilliant tech minds with global companies

Since 2002, we have accelerated the digital transformation of companies in Brazil, USA and Europe through the allocation of qualified multidisciplinary developers who create innovative solutions.

Customers who
recommend Luby

Arthur Piasi

TI Manager, Datora Telecom

"Luby's work resulted in a 15% increase in recharges made through the portal. Luby's internal team is made up of highly qualified people, which helps us a lot in our daily project."

Francisco Mota

Product Owner, ISH Tecnologia

"It has excellent customer service, quality professionals and an abundance of resources. The team uses the scrum methodology for ongoing project management, communicating regularly through Microsoft Teams and tracking work with Azure DevOps."

Aldo Pietropaolo

CSO, Neocova

"We have found the quality of Luby's engineers to be fantastic. I would highly recommend their services. The Luby team's integration into ours was seamless and we treat their team members as part of the Neocova team."

Bruno Paravatti

Tech Manager, Agrotools

"I am impressed with its ease of adaptation to our work processes and its massive contributions to the agenda. The team has been very supportive in the development of the web platform, as well as in the flow of communication between the rural producer and the system."

Jean Paul Crouzoulon


"Luby Software is considered a true extension of the Foxtrot team, capable of adding talented and experienced resources. What impresses most about Luby is its reactivity and ability to really understand the specificity of our needs to come back with a tailored solution."
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