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Innovative software solutions for seamless
payments and remittance

Achieve optimal efficiency with our end-to-end solutions, designed to transform, simplify and improve the payments and remittance process for your business.

Fintechs and financial services companies trust Luby to build their solutions

We understand the complexities of today’s financial landscape and offer a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to simplify your payments and remittance processing. Enhance your business efficiency with Luby’s expert guidance and advanced technology.

Our experts have worked with in-house teams for over 20 years

Our custom solutions have supported companies from different industries for over 20 years

Solutions already deployed

Instant Payments

Experience working with instant payments like Pix, FedNow, and others, from digital onboarding to fraud prevention techniques. 

Mobile Payment Applications

Develop easy-to-use mobile payment applications to improve your customer experience.

Partnerships & Integration

Extend your reach through strategic partnerships and integrations.

Payment Orchestration

Navigate the complexities of multiple payment methods and channels with intelligent routing.


Development of APIs for the seamless integration of payments and money transfers.

Automated Payment Processing System

Easily creates and automates high-volume, repetitive payments with our robust and efficient payment processing solutions.

Consulting & Support Services

Our team of experts is with you every step of the way.

Customized Payment Solutions

Tailor solutions to meet your unique business needs.

Data Analytics & BI

Gain valuable insights from your payment data to make informed business decisions.

Fraud Prevention & Security

Protect your business and your customers by integrating advanced fraud detection tools.

Tap to Pay

Develop a technology that allows you to make a payment by simply tapping your card, smartphone, or wearable device on a contactless payment terminal.

Payment Gateways

Seamlessly build and integrate payment gateways.

Global Ledger

Maintain a transparent and secure record of all your financial transactions.

Global Payment Solutions (Pay-In & Pay-Out)

Meet your international payment needs across 198+ countries.

Hyper-localized Payment Solutions (Pay-In & Pay-Out)

Meet your domestic payments needs for each country you operate.

Image Payments with AI

Leverage advanced technology for secure and convenient image-based payments.

Integration Services

Seamlessly connect our solutions to your existing systems.

Multi-Currency Support

Easily accept and manage payments in multiple currencies.

Offramps integrations

Facilitate seamless payouts for your users.

Reconciliation & Settlement

Ensure accurate and timely reconciliation of your financial accounts.

Remittance Platforms

Innovative remittance platforms that streamline international money transfers and enhance the user experience.

UX/UI Design

Intuitive and easy-to-use payment and remittance interfaces that prioritize customer satisfaction and engagement.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Integration

Future-proof your payment infrastructure with cutting-edge technologies.

4 Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development

4 Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development


We provide each client with a dedicated project manager who oversees the team’s daily progress and workflow, reporting to you or your designated internal stakeholder as often as needed to ensure process transparency and alignment with your organization’s strategic goals.

Our extensive team of more than 300 professionals has collective experience across multiple technology stacks, with expertise in more than 40 different technologies. We offer diverse technology chapters, encompassing over a dozen specialties, and operate across seven distinct business units. You can be assured that our projects consistently incorporate the latest industry trends, ensuring cutting-edge results.

Luby’s IT professionals are fully versed in agile methodologies and have a common understanding of project requirements, having worked together effectively on similar engagements. This allows them to seamlessly integrate into your development process, regardless of its specifics, with remarkable speed and efficiency.

Acquiring an Extended Tech Team from Luby ensures freedom from the unpredictable costs of finding, selecting, vetting, and retaining IT specialists among your organization’s full-time employees.

Maximize the potential of your in-house development team!

Maximize the potential of your in-house development team!

Staff Augmentation Luby Counters.

Unleashing the full potential of your projects

Custom software solutions are designed for companies of all sizes, industries, budgets, and growth plans. Leveraging software that is tailored to the specific needs of your business is key to improving efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing revenue. However, many companies lack the expertise or internal resources to turn their software ideas into valuable products.

By engaging a specialized provider, companies can focus on their core business while the technology partner refines, develops, and continually evolves the digital solution, driving the company’s growth trajectory. Strategic software development outsourcing collaborations allow companies to leverage their strengths by leveraging the expertise of dedicated technology professionals.

We have proficiency in more than 40 tech stacks.

It doesn’t matter the IT staffing challenge you may have, we got you covered! From very specific Roles to Complete Multidisciplinary Teams.
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Why choose us for Software Development Outsourcing?

Leverage custom-made software solutions to accelerate organization growth by having the right features at the hands of your stakeholders.

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Staff Augmentation Dedicated Tech Teams Custom Made Software
Bridge skill gaps with exceptional
Seamlessly integrate developers
into your current teams
Take charge of managing your team
Access the cream of the crop in tech
talent within your timezone
Elevate your workforce effortlessly
Streamline operations with minimal
in-house team engagement
Experience the power of a dedicated
team working in sync with you
Effortlessly reduce management
involvement with our project managers

Are you ready to take your Financial Institution or Fintech to the next level?

Contact us today to discuss how our software development expertise can help you achieve your business goals.

Our streamlined process for success

Man using his laptop and smiling over coffee, symbolizing the importance of financial services in Luby.

Step 1Project Assessment

Tell us about your project’s needs in a call, we’ll understand your specific requirements and the business challenges you are facing.

Step 2Acquire a team and dedicated PM

Swiftly Assemble Your Team and Assign a Dedicated PM. Define the Project Roadmap, Choose Optimal Tools and Technologies, and Ensure Seamless Onboarding.

Step 3Start your project and monitor progress

Following onboarding, your team will commence work promptly. You have the flexibility to monitor progress, manage the team, and easily adjust headcount according to your project's requirements.

How we can work together

Staff Augmentation

Our software developers in your teams.
Software Development Outsourcing Luby Your Team.

Software Development Teams

Our teams in your organization.
Staff Augmentation Luby Professionals.

Software Development Outsourcing

Our PM and software development teams building for you.

Our Solutions


Staff Augmentation

Incorporate our talented software developers into your existing team seamlessly

Dedicated Teams

Collaborate with our skilled software teams as an extension of your organization.

Software Outsourcing

Entrust our project managers and software teams to build exceptional solutions for you

Application Modernization

Escape vendor lock-in, control IT costs, and stay ahead with our cutting-edge software updates

Check out our Blog

Stay on top of the latest news from the world of technology with our blog content!
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We connect brilliant tech minds with global companies

Since 2002, we have accelerated the digital transformation of companies in Brazil, the USA, and Europe through the allocation of qualified multidisciplinary developers who create innovative solutions.

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