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Supercharge Your Team with Staff Augmentation

Unleash your team’s potential by seamlessly integrating top-tier talent through our staff augmentation services. Enhance multiple teams or find a specialist with niche expertise. Say goodbye to the hassle of talent acquisition and enjoy the benefits of a high-quality talent pool. Achieve your technology goals with flexibility and success. Contact us now to elevate your organization with staff augmentation.

Our experts have worked with in-house teams for over 20 years

Our experts have worked with in-house teams for over 20 years

Benefits of Luby’s Staff Augmentation

Benefits of Luby’s Staff Augmentation

Efficient Communication Streamlining

Our developers seamlessly synchronize with your work hours, actively engage in feedback exchanges, and possess outstanding communication skills to ensure effective collaboration.

Straighforward Recruitment Process

Say goodbye to recruitment delays. Our expert team is ready to assemble the perfect lineup of professionals and onboard them swiftly, saving you valuable time and resources.

Foster Healthy Teams

We prioritize a harmonious work environment. Through meticulous screening, we assess developers' soft and behavioral skills, ensuring a seamless integration and a positive culture fit.

Access Top-Quality, Pre-Vetted Talent

Rest assured, we have already conducted thorough testing for technical, logical, and soft-skill abilities, saving you the effort and ensuring top-notch talent.

Financial Benefits

Enjoy rates up to 30% lower than local tech talent with nearshore remote teams.

6 Advantages of Nearshore Staff Augmentation

6 Advantages of Nearshore Staff Augmentation

When your in-house team lacks the necessary resources to handle specific projects or increased workloads, nearshore staff augmentation provides additional personnel to meet those demands. Our nearshore team seamlessly integrates with your existing team, supplementing their efforts without replacing them. These professionals are experienced in collaborating with diverse teams, adapting to different personalities and work styles.
Partnering with Luby grants you access to Exceptional tech talent dedicated to assisting businesses with their software and technology projects. Our highly skilled experts bring a wide range of expertise and skills to your team, ensuring superior results. This is especially beneficial when your in-house team lacks specific skills, allowing you to tap into the unique talents you require.
Beyond skill gaps, nearshore staff augmentation offers access to high-quality resources. By collaborating with an established team, you leverage their existing infrastructure and tools, eliminating the need for additional investments. This cost-effective approach allows you to focus on the project at hand while leveraging your partner’s robust platform.
Nearshore partners excel in staff augmentation due to their strong communication and collaboration capabilities. Close alignment of time zones ensures efficient coordination and minimizes potential language barriers. With nearshore teams like BairesDev, fluent in English, you can expect smooth communication and seamless collaboration throughout the project.
Engaging a nearshore IT or development team saves time and enhances efficiency, crucial for timely product launches and maintaining a competitive edge. By working alongside an external team, you expedite project completion compared to working solely in-house. This streamlined approach allows you to reduce your time to market, ensuring relevance and staying ahead of the competition.
Nearshore staff augmentation proves to be a cost-effective solution for effective team management and streamlined workflows while accessing top global talent to make your products competitive. Contact BairesDev to explore how our tailored solutions can support your technology endeavors. We will collaborate with you to determine the best-fit solutions for your team’s needs.

Maximize the potential of your in-house development team!

Maximize the potential of your in-house development team!

Augmenting All Kinds of Tech Teams

Our IT staff augmentation services cover all sourcing needs, from UX personnel to Tech Leads proficient in various technology stacks. We have the bandwidth to address positions, stacks, and areas within your tech department, no matter how simple or complex.
Luby’s track record in providing IT talent has proven our services to be a reliable, fast and cost-effective way for clients of different industries to increase team size and productivity of their internal development teams with minimal effort.

We have proficiency in more than 40 tech stacks.

It doesn’t matter the IT staffing challenge you may have, we got you covered! From very specific Roles to Complete Multidisciplinary Teams.

Why Choose Us for Tech Team Augmentation?

When you require an additional boost to your development efforts, whether it’s within a single team or across multiple teams, our staff augmentation approach is the perfect solution. We seamlessly integrate into your existing workflows and rituals, ensuring a smooth transition and enhanced productivity.

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Staff Augmentation Dedicated Tech Teams Custom Made Software
Bridge skill gaps with exceptional
Seamlessly integrate developers into
your current teams
Take charge of managing your team
Access the cream of the crop in tech
talent within your timezone
Elevate your workforce effortlessly
Streamline operations with minimal in-house
team engagement
Experience the power of a dedicated
team working in sync with you
Effortlessly reduce management
involvement with our project managers

Looking to enhance your in-house development team? Discover how we can assist you.

Our streamlined process for success

Step 1Initiate a discovery call

Engage in a discovery call where you can provide us with valuable insights about your business. We'll delve into your project requirements, success criteria, timeline, budget, and the specific skill sets you require. This helps us determine if we are the right fit for your needs.

Step 2Secure the developers you require

Within a matter of days, we meticulously hand-pick experts who align perfectly with your unique requirements and desired expertise.

Step 3Effortlessly onboard and scale as needed

Once you approve your desired professional, we schedule a starting date and you are ready to go!

How We Can Work Together

Staff Augmentation

Our software developers in your teams.

Software Development Teams

Our teams in your organization.

Software Development Outsourcing

Our PM and software development teams building for you.

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Staff Augmentation

Incorporate our talented software developers into your existing team seamlessly

Dedicated Teams

Collaborate with our skilled software teams as an extension of your organization.

Software Outsourcing

Entrust our project managers and software teams to build exceptional solutions for you

Application Modernization

Escape vendor lock-in, control IT costs, and stay ahead with our cutting-edge software updates

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