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Immediately available personnel and custom-made sourcing process,
all with the same quality level of Luby’s more than 20 years of experience in
IT projects across several industries, both domestically and internationally.

Decrease Ramp-Up
Time and Costs

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High performing professionals to quickly scale your tech team

Demand for IT professionals is getting higher by the day, which has made both salaries and time to source skyrocket. All the work to properly evaluate these professionals, both technically and culturally, as well as retaining them has become a huge toll on Tech and Talent Acquisition teams alike. At Luby, we have mastered this process like few others in this industry, as we have been helping companies with their IT projects and personnel for the past 20 years.

Sourcing Agility And Reduced Down Time

Decrease dependency on internal recruiting and down time due to long waits to find the right professional with Luby’s - faster than market - shortlist of candidates.

Faster Adaptation And Ramp-Up

Since we have a focus on continuous development and skill enhancement, our professionals adapt and ramp-up their deliveries very quickly.

On-Demand Availability And Talent Pools

Luby’s immediately available talent can be selected to address your current needs while our sourcing process will help you find very specific profiles.

Replenishment And Customer Success

If by any reason there’s not a great fit, we replenish the provided role with someone with a better fit and our team of cs representatives will constantly follow up with you to make sure the delivery is meeting your expectations.

Inherent Benefits of Luby's Staff Augmentation Solution for your company

The 3 Pillars of Luby's
IT Staff Augmentation Service

How could we increase the value provided in our IT Staff Augmentation service, especially to our client's in North America? Watch what Victor Chiea, our Head of International Business Development, has to tell us about.

Decrease Ramp-Up
Time and Costs

From Specific Individuals to Complete Multidisciplinary Teams

We are ready to provide you with a full range of professionals, regardless of the chapters you are looking for.
Our team only provides professionals from mid to senior level, here’s what you can expect:




Main Tech Stacks on the Market

Our professionals have mastered a vast repertoire of technologies and are constantly updated with the latest trends in the sector.


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And our customers trust us to keep delivering value to them through technology and talent.



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Staff Augmentation

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Staff Augmentation Frequently Asked Questions

Staff Augmentation if the full outsourcing of a technical position to a third party company. The company will be responsible for providing a professional with the same requirements of the job description your company has created for that position.

This practice is very common to add technical talent to your team on an on-demand basis so your company can scale as fast as your growth goals.

At Luby we have a robust yet flexible talent acquisition and sourcing process that guarantees access to top tier IT talent. We cover different chapters, technology stacks and mid to senior level professionals.

On the Extended Teams offering, the squads are fully managed by Luby and the professionals are selected by our team without the client’s validation. On the other hand, for the Staff Augmentation format the allocated personnel are hired by Luby, but onboarded and fully managed by the client. The client still relies on Luby’s resources to guarantee the professional adherence to the client’s company.

Any company or business that needs specialized development teams can make use of the Staff Augmentation services as long as they have a tech structure in place. IT Staff Augmentation services are not offered to companies that do not have a tech professional that can manage the allocated personnel.

Luby’s IT Staff Augmentation Process will be implemented through the following steps:

Need Assessment – Our commercial team will identify the needed professionals through a quick call or by the evaluation of the submitted job descriptions;

Interview Process – Luby’s TA team will then source the candidate either on our immediately available bench or through a custom made selective process. In both situations the candidates will go through cultural assessment and technical assessment interviews;

Definition of Professionals – After identifying the potential candidates, your company will validate them either through screening or a final panel interview with your internal stakeholders;

Engagement Start – Once the professionals are selected, we assign an official start date for the engagement;

Full Allocation Transparency – Every month your company receives a timesheet report with the total number of hours that were worked by the professionals during the period alongside the respective invoice;

Luby’s Managerial Support – Although the professionals are fully managed by the client, Luby’s team will still be accompanying the talent to make sure they are motivated and delivering according to the expectations of the position.

Continuous Follow- Ups and Feedback – Luby’s CS team will constantly follow up with the client to check performance and make sure we can address any possible problems before they happen.

As all of Luby’s professionals are working remotely from Brazil, we provide services to all clients in the United States and Canada through a nearshoring model:

Given Brazil’s geographic location, all working professionals are able to provide the services during the same business hours as our client’s, in all four continental time zones in North America.

In case on-site collaboration is required, our team is able to visit through several direct overnight flights to the biggest cities of the US and Canada.

The fast advancing local landscape was benchmarked on the Silicon Valley standards and methodologies, so our personnel are used to the same business values and organizational structures as our clients, which translates in almost no cultural barriers.

Since we invest a lot in teaching, testing and enhancing the English level of our employees, all provided candidates are fully proficient in the language.

Luby’s talent pool of high performing fully remote IT professionals will increase your team’s performance while our Staff Augmentation process will reduce your recruitment time and tech personnel liabilities.

The service is adapted to the actual needs of each client. Our team always assesses the required profiles, submits the respective statement of work with the hourly rates and hiring conditions, finally providing up to 4 highly adherent candidates for each position. We will always work with the same level of commitment for every client, so all allocated personnel are fully dedicated to that client to avoid any quality or data risks.