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In a digital age where trends evolve rapidly and the use of new technologies are constantly creating new habits, understanding your customers’ needs and the industry’s new standards is paramount for creating effective digital products. As your organization scales and the market trends shift, leveraging digital product discovery becomes the strategic approach to uncover and validate potential opportunities, therefore separating the most innovative companies from the rest.
This is where our services come in: No matter what your digital product ambitions are, you need the combination of accurate data with the diligence of seasoned UX professionals to properly explore and validate them. The most effective way to do this is by engaging these experts at the earliest stages of your product development cycle and working alongside them to conceive valuable solutions that resonate with your company’s core strengths.
At Luby, we offer product discovery services that ensure clarity, adaptability, and speed. Our experience in executing product discovery across various industries in the US has honed our approach, which enables your organization to conceptualize and validate your digital product ideas at the right time, and most importantly, in the right way. This leads to faster product development cycles and successful implementation of validated digital products.

Discovering Opportunities Across All Products and Industries

Our digital product discovery services cater to all kinds of digital product needs, no matter how simple or complex. From understanding user behavior for intuitive UX designs to exploring new tech solutions for your business, we have the capacity to address your needs across various product types, niches, and areas within your digital portfolio.
Luby’s track record in digital product discovery has proven our ability to deliver reliable, swift, and cost-effective validation and strategy, enabling clients across various industries to reduce risk, save resources, and drive their digital product development effectively, therefore increasing revenue in the long-term.

What is Digital Product Discovery?

Digital product discovery is a service designed to define and validate potential digital products to align with the organization’s strategic objectives. It has become an essential step in managing potential risks and uncertainties associated with the creation and evolution of digital product development, leading to greater efficiency, scalability, and success in product launches and post-launch updates.
In recent years, the product discovery process has seen significant growth as companies realized that validating and refining their digital product ideas could help achieve their business goals much faster when compared to traditional and old-fashioned planning cycles.
Whether you’re looking to validate a single product idea or upgrade your entire digital product roadmap process, Luby’s Digital Product Discovery services are definitely a must-have part of your tech strategy.

Benefits of Luby’s Digital Product Discovery

End-to-end discovery solutions and a bespoke approach, backed by Luby’s two decades of experience handling IT projects across numerous industries, both domestically and internationally.
But what exactly sets Luby apart in Digital Product Discovery?
Our team is prepared to offer you a complete suite of discovery services, regardless of your product ideas or market niche. With Luby, you can rely on a meticulous research process, thorough user interview sessions and strategic market insights.
Decrease the risk of product failure and wastage of resources by leveraging Luby’s comprehensive discovery process. Our team will validate your current ideas and help formulate strategic go-to-market product planning for your digital solutions.
Our emphasis on iterative validation and user-centric approach ensures your digital product aligns with market demands and user needs. Luby’s team of design and product experts will be dedicated to your solution and are able to maintain the services in a dual-track agile manner after your solution is launched.
Our discovery process leverages the experience of tech experts who constantly study market trends and user behavior, ensuring your product is built on a solid foundation. Their documentation best-practices will provide you with reliable information and their communicative approach will unlock great collaboration with your internal stakeholders.
Our team is ready to support you throughout the discovery process, ensuring your strategic objectives are reflected on the product roadmap and that quality assurance is an integral part of your strategy throughout the planned milestones.

Is Digital Product Discovery Right for Your Organization?

The short answer is simple: Yes.
There’s no type of organization or industry that wouldn’t benefit from implementing digital product discovery practices when conceiving new solutions.
Even when you already have a clear strategic vision of what you’re trying to achieve with your product, these services will support you in efficiently doing so and reducing the overall time taken to get there.
If your company is endemic to technology, then having an external partner will definitely support you in reducing creative-bias and marketing myopia.
And if technology and digital solutions is something new to your company, then having a strategic partner that can support you with such services is absolutely a must-have to ensure you spend your resources properly and create digital solutions that add real value to the end-user.

Pros & Cons of Digital Product Discovery

Although Digital Product Discovery is a crucial step in product development, it’s important to be aware of its benefits and challenges:


Data-driven Decisions

Product discovery provides reliable data, helping to guide your decision-making process and reducing risks when creating new products;

Deep-Dive on User Information

Properly define your personas, deeply understand the customer journey and continuously update such insights with the support of seasoned user experience experts.

Increased Efficiency

With the right validation, you can ensure efficient use of resources and a product that meets your users' needs

Risk Mitigation

Product discovery helps to mitigate the risks of product failure, saving your company both time and money.


Commitment to the Process

The process requires the active participation of many internal stakeholders to ensure the process reflects the company's strategic objectives.

Time and Resource Investment:

Thorough discovery can take time, and while it helps to avoid product failure, it does require upfront investment exclusively to research, so the core return of that is insight.

Change Management

The results of product discovery may lead to changes in your initial idea, which can be challenging for some organizations to manage and internal stakeholders to agree with it.

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Arthur Piasi

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"Luby's work resulted in a 15% increase in recharges made through the portal. Luby's internal team is made up of highly qualified people, which helps us a lot in our daily project."

Francisco Mota

Product Owner, ISH Tecnologia

"It has excellent customer service, quality professionals and an abundance of resources. The team uses the scrum methodology for ongoing project management, communicating regularly through Microsoft Teams and tracking work with Azure DevOps."

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CSO, Neocova

"We have found the quality of Luby's engineers to be fantastic. I would highly recommend their services. The Luby team's integration into ours was seamless and we treat their team members as part of the Neocova team."

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Tech Manager, Agrotools

"I am impressed with its ease of adaptation to our work processes and its massive contributions to the agenda. The team has been very supportive in the development of the web platform, as well as in the flow of communication between the rural producer and the system."

Jean Paul Crouzoulon


"Luby Software is considered a true extension of the Foxtrot team, capable of adding talented and experienced resources. What impresses most about Luby is its reactivity and ability to really understand the specificity of our needs to come back with a tailored solution."

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