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Revitalize Your Company’s Systems with Application Modernization

The world of technology is always moving forward and keeping your business applications up-to-date is critical for maintaining a competitive edge. As your organization expands and market trends evolve, having the capacity to strategically modernize your applications to better serve your business is what sets future-forward companies apart from the competition.
Here’s where application modernization services come into the picture: Regardless of your technical refresh requirements, you need to harness the wisdom of industry-leading experts for proper implementation. The most effective way to do this is by having these experts readily available when your business needs them.
At Luby, we provide application modernization services, assuring consistency, agility, and swiftness, enabling you to evolve your technological assets with the appropriate solutions at the opportune time. Our proficiency in modernizing applications across numerous businesses in the US has sharpened our understanding and reduced implementation time, leading to faster development cycles and the effective use of the most recent tech trends on top of reliable and modern technology stacks.

Transforming a Wide Variety of Applications and Systems

Our modernization services can address all kinds of different software needs, no matter how straightforward or intricate. From rejuvenating outdated user interfaces to transforming legacy systems into cutting-edge technology platforms, we have the capacity to meet the unique requirements of various sectors or the ones within your tech department.
Luby’s track record of successful application modernizations proves our ability to deliver reliable, swift, and cost-effective solutions, enabling clients across various industries to enhance operational efficiency and productivity with minimal disruption to none disruption of their live services.

What is Application Modernization?

Application modernization is a service aimed at updating and improving existing business applications to meet current and future business needs. It provides an effective strategy to tackle issues associated with aging systems, leading to better efficiency, scalability, and flexibility in tech operations.
Over recent years, this practice has grown significantly as companies realized they could achieve their long-term business goals more efficiently by upgrading their obsolete digital solutions.
With the rise of cloud computing and the expansion of technological innovations globally, many businesses have chosen to modernize their applications to decrease maintenance costs, increase the number of active users, improve the overall system experience, among other reasons.
Whether you’re seeking to modernize a single application or undertake a large-scale system overhaul, Luby’s Application Modernization services are definitely a must-have in your company’s backlog of tech related improvements.

Advantages of Luby’s Application Modernization

End to End modernization solutions and a customized digital transformation approach, all underpinned by Luby’s two decades of experience handling IT projects across numerous industries, both domestically and internationally.
But what precisely sets Luby apart in Application Modernization?
From Simple UI Enhancements to Comprehensive System Overhauls Our team is equipped to offer you a full suite of modernization services, regardless of the systems or applications you need to modernize. With Luby, you can rely on a smooth and effective transition to updated, state-of-the-art technology solutions.
With Luby’s streamlined modernization process, you can reduce dependency on internal updates and avoid extended system downtime due to lengthy upgrade processes.
Whether you are looking for a single and specific revamping project or a team to continuously enhance your software, thanks to our emphasis on continuous improvement and skill development, our professionals can ensure that your revamped solution meets top-tier requirements and keeps on evolving for as long as you need.
Luby’s modernization solutions have been producing amazing results for more than a decade thanks to the thorough work of our tech experts who keep on enhancing their skill set and studying the market for the latest trends.
Enjoy the security of relying on a team of experts that are ready to support you before, during and after the delivery of your project, ensuring that all requirements are being followed, your stakeholders are up to date with the project’s progress and the team is available to correct bugs or issues if they occur in the following months of the source code delivery.

Is Application Modernization Right for Your Organization?

There’s only one requirement for this type of engagement that you must have in mind: Does your company have a proprietary legacy system being used?
If yes, then you’re ready to embark on your Application Modernization journey with Luby!
If yes, then you’re ready to embark on your Application Modernization journey with Luby!But if your organization relies only in third party software and SaaS subscriptions, the improvement of such services is outside of our reach. Still, you can always count on our team of IT experts to support you with custom made solutions integrating different third party solutions and providing you with additional features to make the most of what third party software can offer.

Pros & Cons of Application Modernization

Despite the numerous benefits of Application Modernization, IT managers should be aware of potential challenges they may face while implementing it and compare them with all the benefits:


Up-to-Date Technology:

With App Modernization, your legacy software will be revamped to the best and modern technology stacks, ensuring a great adaptability to recent operational systems and devices. Increased Software Efficiency: Improve an application's efficiency and user-friendliness swiftly through modern tech solutions.

Mid-Term Future-Proofness:

One of the best benefits to your organization is the fact that after your modernization efforts, your digital solution will be working properly for years to come


Commitment to the Process

The client is a key part of the modernization process. They approve solutions and manage the upgraded systems post-implementation, so dedication from internal stakeholders is key to ensure the proper delivery and their other responsibilities may be affected;

Transition Time:

The duration for each system to complete the transition varies greatly, depending on various factors, especially when working on older legacy systems. It’s important to be aware that the transition won’t come shortly;

Organizational Structure

Depending on internal procedures and structures, modernized systems might encounter some roadblocks and trigger organization changes within your company;

Customers who
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Arthur Piasi

TI Manager, Datora Telecom

"Luby's work resulted in a 15% increase in recharges made through the portal. Luby's internal team is made up of highly qualified people, which helps us a lot in our daily project."

Francisco Mota

Product Owner, ISH Tecnologia

"It has excellent customer service, quality professionals and an abundance of resources. The team uses the scrum methodology for ongoing project management, communicating regularly through Microsoft Teams and tracking work with Azure DevOps."

Aldo Pietropaolo

CSO, Neocova

"We have found the quality of Luby's engineers to be fantastic. I would highly recommend their services. The Luby team's integration into ours was seamless and we treat their team members as part of the Neocova team."

Bruno Paravatti

Tech Manager, Agrotools

"I am impressed with its ease of adaptation to our work processes and its massive contributions to the agenda. The team has been very supportive in the development of the web platform, as well as in the flow of communication between the rural producer and the system."

Jean Paul Crouzoulon


"Luby Software is considered a true extension of the Foxtrot team, capable of adding talented and experienced resources. What impresses most about Luby is its reactivity and ability to really understand the specificity of our needs to come back with a tailored solution."
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